Grammar Yammer: Faulty Modifiers

Before we talk about what a 'faulty modifier' actually is, first take a moment to look at the following example and ask yourself if the example is correct: X: Though only in the fifth grade, my math teacher often asked me to solve questions that even my older brother could not answer.To the untrain..........continue reading

#LifeGains: The SAT vs. ACT Essay

Even though some students choose not to take the SAT or ACT essay portion, it may still help to have an understanding of what the essay section involves so that you can make a more informed decision. Useful Resources Firstly, here are some useful resources for those of you who would like s..........continue reading

Grammar Yammer: Parallel Structure - Lists

We all know that the word parallel in mathematics refers to lines on the same plane that never touch, and that the word "parallel" in the phrase parallel universe refers to a universe that, in theory, exists alongside our universe. Along the same vein, parallel structure in lists refers to a list of..........continue reading

Grammar Yammer: Commonly Confused Words 1

Sometimes you will come across words that look and sound very similar, that may even be used in similar ways. However, often times these words are used incorrectly. It is best to familiarize yourself with the proper usage of these words. The best way to approach these words is to understand the subt..........continue reading

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