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SAT Subject Test - Math Level 2

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About This Pack

This is a complete question pack for the SAT Mathematics Level 2 Subject Test, covering all majors topics that feature in the test: Numbers and Operations, Algebra and Functions, Geometry and Measurement, and Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability.

The questions have been thoughtfully selected and organized by section and difficulty for each topic. Every question is accompanied with its answer explanation to help you understand your mistakes. What is more, each section is completed with a summary practice test and there are complete practice tests at the end of the question pack that have been designed to simulate the real SAT Mathematics Level 2 Subject Test as closely as possible.

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Great practice and very convenient
I take the school bus in the mornings. I find this pack to be very convenient for me to do during the bus journey as it works so well on my mobile. So far I have completed 35% of the pack, and I aim to finish before my test in August. Thanks a lot to Int-learn!


Hard but necessary >_<
The full practice tests are very useful because they are very similar to the real exam. I had to send many questions to my tutor for help... but after going through the questions I improved by almost 200 points on the practice test. I recommend this to people~


Lots of Questions & Good Ones
There are hundreds of questions many of which I find to be quite difficult. It's good practice with questions that get you to actually think rather than mindlessly plug an equation into a calculator. Very good practice, especially for getting used to the calculator too. I appreciate all the data analysis/probability questions (the topic I struggle with the most).

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